Sailor, Chris Brady, purchased the Cape Fear Sportswear brand from watersports junkie and enthusiast Dennis Smith in 2018, after looking for a quality foul weather suit, but was tired of paying premium prices for brand names.  Chris remembered the Cape Fear brand from the Newport Boat Show and was impressed with its quality and affordability, so he got online and purchased five foul weather suits as Christmas gifts, for himself, girlfriend, brother, nephew and niece.  After a season of sailing, he was more impressed with the quality of the Squall Rain Suit, so decided to purchase the company.    

Well, the rest they say is history, but really the journey continues for Cape Fear Sportswear in offering watersports junkies and waterlife adventurers’ quality outerwear and technical apparel at affordable prices.  Our mission is not to sponsor an around the world sailing race, but to provide watersports’ enthusiasts with high quality outerwear and technical apparel at affordable prices. 

What better name to call the brand than Cape Fear, as the region was a testing ground for the ancient mariners with its treacherous currents, rugged shallow shoals and unpredictable weather combined with the notorious perilous of the Cape Fear River.  Our technical apparel and outerwear are designed to meet the performance requirements of the Cape Fear Region, which is known for its hot humid muggy weather, blazing sun, sudden violent thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, torrential rain and nor’easters.  The Cape Fear Region pushed the limits of the ancient mariners, as the Region is known as the graveyard of the North Atlantic Ocean, as it is known for many shipwrecks and this fearless attitude is reflected in our customers’, who fearlessly push the limits of their watersports activities.       

When you combine quality, performance and functionality with fearless passion of the waterlife, you have the world’s best outerwear, Cape Fear Sportswear.